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I finally have my workspace defined in our home and unpacking and arranging both my office and art into the space.  The lighting is divine and it feels grounded and inspirational in my space.  For those times when I need to really throw some paint around I will take things to the sunroom or garage for a good old paint party!

Unpacking some canvases that I had retired during the build and revisiting the thoughts and trying to regain the same “mojo” as originally was intentioned is sometimes difficult but my “Phoenix Dance” is still there playing with me and I have started to ply some paint back into the piece again.  I am pleased with it’s progress but am not sure that it is finished yet — I know that I am getting close when the brushes start getting smaller!  I would welcome comments because true to my usual Art Journaling style of “see what you need to see” art, I know that you will see something different from me and that is so refreshing to hear about.  Normally I would go back into a background like this with high definition black lines and tease the muse’s conversation a bit, but I am sensing that the colours are strong enough to hint at imagery on their own.

Phoenix Dancing

Phoenix Dancing

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