Thanks for all the words of encouragement and support through your own self directed art practise using the Reverse Colouring Book ©…. I am honoured to share your reviews here!


Sandra for Facebook_Twitter“I find this process relaxing and refreshing. What amazes me is the clarity and wisdom the visual creation offers! If you have a question, the answer lies there in front of you if you choose to see it.”

Sandra Spears – songwriter extraordinaire!

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Lillas-final-web“ I am having such fun and delight with my Reverse Colouring Book experience! It is an experience that totally bypasses my mind, and takes me to my creative and intuitive self. Then in a  place of wonder and openess, the images  start to emerge or are revealed.  I experience what emerges as a message from my soul and go into a place of deep reflection on the inner guidance that is offered. Truly a gift.  Thank you!”
Lillas Marie Hatala