Reverse Colouring Book ©2015

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For those that have joined my Facebook group called Reverse Colouring Book Art — thank you for your special support and I offer the 15 page preview and purchase at an early discount.  Look for the link inside the Facebook group!


After November 15th it will be released for public release… November 22 it will be presented at it’s full market price on

This book’s sales will contribute 10% to Wounded Warriors.

Each volume will have it’s own charity.

My Bio in regards to this birthing is here>>> Click to read.

Rather than repeat the Introduction of Reverse Colouring Book © in each publication, present and future, I am opting to share the process of how I found this meditative practise for myself and to share the inner voice that we have available.  Looking inward with quiet reflection opens the door to our personal journey and the beauty that awaits to unfold if we will only give it permission to speak.

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Multiple book savings!

Reverse Colouring Book© Volume 2 – Peek inside

Reverse Colouring Book©

By Corla McGillivray