New Work

Abstraction was not anything that I had been drawn to create and yet it has become the language that speaks through me in an intuitive and authentic format.

I start in a variety of methods, putting down colours that have chosen themselves and I allow them to dance and mingle into their own pattern.  Sometimes I put them aside to allow them to simmer and stew until I am called to pursue the message, the unknown message, and to define it’s edges and watch for the curtain to pull back and reveal itself.

The interesting thing about “Abstraction” for me is that everyone sees the message that they need to see and when I observe someone’s reaction to my art they often teach me something about their own lesson and voice in my art — that’s the magic for me.



2 thoughts on “New Work”

    1. Thanks Kat…. I enjoy just allowing the painting to express itself and find great energy in doing “intuitive” art in this way. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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