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Let me show you a few of the pieces that I have done that were pivotal and “inspiring”! The first two have very distinct stories that they want me to share with you and will help me to explain the WHY for this book at this time.

The picture of the cat came to me during the summer of 2014.

We had sold our house and were living in our RV for 6 months and besides working from home (or rather our RV) I spent some quality time doing art. No TV was a great motivator and I searched YouTube for instructional videos on art. My favourite show during this time was a TV show out of Australia called “Color Your World” and each week the host, Graeme Stevenson, would travel about visiting with artists and they would share their inspiration and their techniques. That hour would propel me to experiment too. Long story short… I was layering acrylics and using alcohol to disperse the medium. It created wonderful textures, dappling and on this canvas there were two big droplets formed near the top.

Here Kitty

Here Kitty

I put the canvas on a shelf for several days, rotating and observing, looking for something to grab my attention. I was finally convinced that there were eyes looking at me. I decided that the only way to know for sure was to paint the eyes and see what happened.

I felt they were cat’s eyes so I “Googled” and found the perfect posture for this kitty… hiding in the grass. The lesson for me was that it does not have to be a perfect picture… it is the message and the animal totem that was truly significant to that time and piece of art.

Another kind of art that I found relaxing during our summer of escape… was an art form called ©Zentangle. I still doodle using the same idea in a small book that I carry in my purse for odd moments that I am idling. (Very odd moments it seems….) I mention this here because that is where my micron pen came into my art and became my signature style.

I took two evening workshops at a local art store, one on bookbinding and the other working with basic supplies doing marbling techniques on paper. It was fun but the paper got packed away in a drawer for the rest of the summer.

Spirit Walker - 2014

Spirit Walker – 2014

Later in the fall we settled back into a permanent residence and I came across the beautiful papers and brought out my micron pen to define the exquisite formations that the inks had made. I lost myself completely save the occasional recognition of an image here or there; it started with feathers arcing up the left side of the page, then I changed directions and realized I was drawing a headband.

I pulled back to look at what was looking at me and realized that it was a headdress of an ancient first nation leader… “my spirit walker”.

I almost fell over at the vision that was forming and I drew in his face to anchor his presence into my creative space. He watches over me and guides me daily and I am so grateful to know that he chose now to be my leader and to show me the potential I could share.


And, now I share a view other of my early pieces… hopefully to inspire you to dig deep and allow your inner knowing to come forward, even if only for a few minutes. I find this both a healing and relaxing time…. Daily!

There are 4 images that I am sharing as I do not intend to fill this page with my past works, if you are interested in seeing more of what I do you can check my gallery. You can purchase  Reverse Colouring Book© Art Series direct from or find Purchase details HERE

The first image is an interesting exercise. I painted a random brushstroke piece of cardstock and when dry I cut it into small deck sized cards which I packed into my purse in a zip-lock bag. When I had a few moments to sit, I would pull out one card and immerse myself in drawing with it as my only focus. The fascination on this technique came when it was time to reassemble the pieces and frame them. The first one picture was pretty tricky because I did not mark the back so I would know the order! It was a jigsaw to put together because I had to look at the background brushstrokes instead of the lines that I had scribed onto the individual cards.

Creation step - Ocean

Creation step – Ocean

Close up

Close up

Close up 2

Close up 2




Here are a couple of close-ups so that you can enjoy the detail of my mark making.



On this next one I used a silver sharpie because the acrylic flow paints were so intense that black would not have been as effective. I think it gives the feel of a silk scarf with resist inks highlighting the shapes.

Dance rhythm 3

Dance rhythm 3


You may share your art and dialogue with others on the Facebook group – Reverse Colouring Book Art. I look forward to seeing your Reverse Colouring images and what other people will see in them because it has been my experience that everyone sees something different… it’s actually quite refreshing!  The group will also receive first notice on upcoming publications….