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Strange Word?


The start of the year always beguiles me with all shapes of interesting things that call me to explore.  Some will just be shiny objects that flirt and tease but that I will let fall by the wayside as time progresses and as I come to understand that they are not the direction I need to go.  That being said, there is always something there wanting to give me a message and the important thing is to stay with it long enough to find that value and come to a place of calm and of knowing the truth of that journey.

On Facebook, in messages from past followings and from sharing with friends… I find myself exploring some of the directions available for the New Year and I give some casual attention to what is calling my name.  (My name will be significant in a moment!)  Some of these include 30 paintings in 30 days as a way to produce art in a rapid fire motion with less thought of perfection and more thought around play.  This group has over 570 people world wide that pump out their emotions through artistic communication daily!  It’s not practical for me to paint each and every day,  but I will find time to feed my soul in this way and share with that group as much as possible.

Others are means of journalling through the year… using word or art.  I have opened the door on a few of these groups and will allow it to push my exploration for the month of January and then I will evaluate who and what is speaking with harmony and creativity for the plan that is unfolding!

One website invited me to pick a word to guide me through 2016 and it involves a bit of soul searching to choose that mantra for the year… another group on Facebook asked for art journalling around a strange word of my choice.  I have watched some of the postings of some very strange words, indeed!

This morning I came to the conclusion that one of the most strange words in my life has been my name – CORLA.

Unique, yes, although I do know a few people of this name… but there is seldom any mention of this name in baby name books or offerings of interpretations for it’s meaning or roots.  So, I decided to investigate the root by breaking it down and cross referencing anything I could find in root languages… my choice was Latin.

COR is a defined as being of mind, body and soul.  That is interesting to me in that I seem to do a lot of my art exploring my life’s mission and looking inward to my own development of MBS (mind/body/soul) and that my Reverse Colouring Book© came out of a need to communicate and listen to my soul speak through imagery rather than word.

LA has always felt musical to me.  As a prefix in Latin I find the words LATEA (abounding), LAUADO (praise) , LATENS (hidden, concealed, secret) , LAMPAS (light, link, torch, firebrand)… but when I looked further to find the LA in a suffix format in the Latin language I discovered the word CAPPELLA (unaccompanied song- “no music”).  The others fit in their own way too but I really resonate with the interpretation of my name being “solitary song of my mind, body & soul”.

Being unique (of name) has been a challenging journey and yet it is so perfectly significant at this time of my life and I have a new understanding of why I fit that name today.  I look forward to putting the words aside now and pulling out my paints to let the true emotional impact of this research soak through all the layers of my being and to communicate visually what CORLA means in my artistic realm of creative forces.  I will post my painting and link to it here once it manifests itself to me… maybe it will reveal itself through the 30 paintings in 30 days when I let down my hair and play!