Thanks for checking on my blog…. this is a place for thoughts and reflections around what my art means in my life and how it has benefited my well-being and understanding of myself.

Ultimately, we can only heal ourselves and can only make changes in a personal way and yet we go through life trying to impact the people in our lives in a way that gives us what we deem necessary.  Why?  It’s our ego trying desperately to manipulate the world into rewarding us for our due diligence in massaging the influence we feel we have on our circle of family and friends.

Here I explore some of the things I have learned about my own growth and how I try to disarm my ego’s drive for “control” and “influence”.  Even through my art, I guess I feel like there is an inherit value to “MY” words over any one else…. which isn’t true.  I have garnered my knowledge through a filtering process where I have learned from a great number of mentors and signposts in my life… some through experience based trauma where I had to dig myself out of a very deep trench that I didn’t even know existed.  In the end, I hope I can merely put up some signposts to point the way to some others who speak words of hope and wisdom so that you can also recognize your trench and begin the climb out.  The view at the top is worth every step in what feels like shoes that are not made for your feet, blisters on top of blisters…. it is the opportunity to overcome and rise above your own demons!

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I have used my art to reach some of the deepest parts of my psyche in times of great challenge that I wouldn’t recommend anyone choose to partake in… but, alas we all do walk those dark nights of the soul and it helps to turn the tide when you have a language of the soul that can turn the dark into light and to let you know that you are not alone.

Some of the art that I made in those dark moments carry the most incredible messages… to me from me.  It is like writing a letter to your older self, or younger self … speaking your truth of the moment that you are in and how you can see the future from this place and give wise advise that only your wisest self can give.

I want to inspire and give permission to play.  I see this as more value than holding anyone to a strict set of rules and order of process… it is like your handwriting, unique to you, and I want to teach you how to relax and embrace to moment.  Be like a child and put your art on your refrigerator… better yet, frame it and showcase it for the world.  We don’t need to sell our art to find value!  It’s value goes beyond monitory measurements… I think of it this way – I have empty walls and I could spend time trying to find someone else’s art signature that communicates my message.. OR I could reach inside and listen to my own message, choose my colours and dance with the emotions that speak for me.

How do you see art in your world?  I mean, how do you see yourself speaking art?  Is this a lost art (no pun intended) that you left behind in your school years?  Do you feel that aching desire to restore yourself to a wholeness and you are standing at a cross-road wondering who can act as your catalyst and MOVE you toward meeting yourself?

I will be holding local workshops too… here in Saskatchewan, Canada. I will use those opportunities as a sharing of techniques and experiments… showing you the colourful language of the participants. (with their permission)

My mission is to create a safe space to take those baby steps and to paint the beauty of your life… in this moment – ART Fully Present LIFE!