About Me & CV

It’s been a long journey of discovery but that is what makes life worth living.
Not all happy, but not all sad either… life is a balance.


For some, ART is a way to deal with emotions in a constructive way.  I find that ART gives me the mental space to learn something positive from a negative that life has handed me to learn from.

For me, this process involves an intuitive invitation and an act of “presence” that hovers, waiting to share a moment of truth…

Art has been my filter through which I have processed emotion, it fills me and it translates me to me. Like Music to the soul

Art is the HeARTbeat

Art exists with inspiration and we all find our muse somewhere significant to our personal language of creation.

For me, art has been a way to digest life’s changes and flux and gives me the balance I need to wake up and interact with my world.

Art speaks to each of us in different ways.

It has taken me a very long time to discover the language of my art and to honour it for what it is…  it is authentic to me alone, like a fingerprint!
There is something comforting about knowing that you don’t have to rediscover what has been revealed before… there are wise words spoken and listened to every day.
Finding your medium and your tools to communicate with your inner wisdom is an ART in itself…

Art is for lifting up, for sharing, and for communicating with passion

Artist CV – Corla McGillivray

Always drawn to art and design, I have worked in many careers that used color and design in some context… interior design, drapery, fashion design… and more recently have used the same eye for design in creating web design and photoshop manipulation. Previously, I have found art to be an outlet for emotional health and healing and continue to explore it as a therapeutic form of communication with self.

Back to the brush, after several year hiatus, I am exploring acrylics for the first time and enjoying the freedom and experimentation that it lends to my loose and abstract style. I trust my inner knowing and have developed an intuitive approach to my art.

b. 1958 – Elrose, SK
Post Secondary training – Fashion Merchandising – Olds Alberta 1977

Multiple years of Adult Art Group in Rosetown, SK with annual showings and ribbons achieved for my presentations.

Artists worked with during these years included:

>Clint Hunker

>Joyce Meyers

>Kevin Quinlan

Employed at Willow Studio:

Saskatoon from 2004 – 2008

• Art relevance, displaying and organizing annual “Tree” art show and sale

Personal Art Making :
Back to active work, 2012 – present

At Saskatoon EX

  1. 2014  – 2nd place ribbon in Advanced division &- honourable mention in Theme division
  2. 2015  – 2nd place ribbon in Advanced division

Sessions Participated in:
En Plein Aire – 2013/14 with Bobbi Clackson Walker at Wanuskewin Heritage Centre

Bookmaking & Marbling Techniques – Art Placement 2014


2015 – Laureen Marchand @ http://laureenmarchand.com/artist-mentoring/

Art in Collections:

Private Collections in Saskatchewan and Alberta