Month: February 2016

30 in 30 post 29!

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Well,  January was filled with stuff that kept me out of my creative loop.  Life is drama sometimes and to maintain the practise of pulling away from other people’s drama is a challenge to say the least… sometimes you are invested in the health of those involved and there are important factors at stake that you need to keep in focus.  AND, in that focus you are bringing an energy… hopefully a healing energy… to the drama that others conjure up.

February has been more creative!  A milder than normal winter has allowed for more juices to keep flowing it seems.  Perhaps the tree sap feels the same way?  Not frozen into the base of the tree at -40C this year but just percolating beneath the surface waiting to burst forth very soon!  I am making a list of MUST dos so that I too can burst forth with the spring and create beauty of my own making.  Income Tax… yuck… is always a negative pull for me at this time of year but if I just clear that away I can more to more fun and interesting outputs.

I have been painting and exploring but found it was just too much effort to upload to the 30 paintings in 30 days and Leslie’s site has become SO popular that you need to scroll through hundreds of pictures each day.  It becomes a little overwhelming, although it is impressive that people really maintain the output for her challenge!

I noticed a little bit of morphing going on in my art… still doing the meditative Reverse Colouring Book process and getting next issue ready to publish… but in watching my morning YouTube art videos I discovered something in Encaustic painting was calling me.  Now, disclaimer here… I have never really been attracted to Encaustic works.  I guess I felt it was advanced and beyond my abilities and complicated… but Nancy Crawford inspired me to do a year commemorative board like she did for the year she turned 50.  It isn’t a hallmark year but I really wanted to try this and she made it feel doable!  And it is!  Mind you… the usual downside is the purchase of a few extra tools and gadgets and supplies!  OMG… always the shine object to be checked out.  But I find a piece of myself in everything I try and it melds into what my style is with some cross over techniques.

Here is one small 4×4″ square that I made that shows flaming of Shellac which is derived from tree sap…    You gotta love anything that involves FIRE!

File 2016-02-26, 1 48 29 PM